Sisters With Helping Hands provides the following services-

Household Duties.

cleaningSisters With Helping Hands is able to assist in organizing staff to prepare halal meals and deliver them to your home. They can assist in arranging for house or yard maintenance and cleaning or linen services.


Sisters With Helping Hands is able to organize staff to provide interpretation services for personal, social or community activities in Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Urdu, Indonesian, Malay, Rohingya and Somali.

Fitness Classes-

fitnessSisters With Helping Hands run weekly physical wellbeing activities to promote and encourage physical well-being that are suitable a variety of fitness levels.


Sisters With Helping Hands can arrange transportation services for those who are unable to drive to attend medical appointments, shopping trips and social visits.

Home and hospital visits-

Volunteers can visit those who are unwell and need support or friendship in their homes or hospital rooms.