The Hurricane Stars Centre will address the pressing social and physical needs of both the local and wider Brisbane community by providing a unique location to serve the needs of Queensland’s most multicultural areas. It will provide opportunities for all community members to participate in sporting and recreational activities, with a particular focus on women and youth. Providing programs and services consistently will be life changing for the community, allowing thousands of community members to have weekly access to programs and services without the financial, cultural, and linguistic obstacles they previously faced.

Having a dedicated center providing a safe space for gender specific, as well as mixed gender programs, will allow opportunities for all community members to be employed, train and participate. The diverse programs will engage members of the community who are currently inactive and feeling isolated. This is particularly important in the aquatic centre, as water-based exercise in very important to reduce and manage pain, heal injuries, and improve general health and well being. The buoyancy of the water supports the body and reduces painful resistance, helping people get the necessary exercise and physical therapy to overcome their health issues. For many community members the lack of suitable aquatic facilities are a major barrier to them dealing with their pain and health issues. The centre will be the only ladies gym with access to a pool with ladies only sessions.


Our programs focus on providing social, educational, and physical activities that cater to the grassroot needs to make friends, have fun, and learn something new. The centre provides the community with a unique opportunity to address all their needs in one location, as individuals and families can find something they need. This saves them the time required to drive to multiple locations to attend a variety of programs. Instead, everything is in one location, fostering more community engagement and stronger sense of community.


FRONT VIEW Through our community programs, barriers will breakdown and misconceptions fade away, strengthening participants community spirit and engagement.

The gymnasium and aquatic centre will focus on providing programs for women and youth, as there is a lack of sports programs for females. 

Unlike other centres, the Hurricane Stars Community Centre will focus on providing services and programs for adults, as much as for kids. As there is a lack of community programs for adults and the focus is on kids.

Child-minding services will be provided for all programs to support mothers (and fathers) to have greater flexibility to attend programs. In a community recovering from the loneliness and isolation caused by COVID, the centre will bring the community together, which will be life changing for the mental and physical health of the Brisbane community.

The centre’s programs will be suitable and welcoming for all community members to attend but special consideration has been made to ensure all programs are welcoming to members of the culturally and linguistically diverse community. Through our programs, barriers and misconceptions between communities will breakdown, as members of a wide variety of communities attend our programs and engage with each other.

Half of our development is a forest reserve, because we are as passionate about the environment as we are about providing community services. That is why we have built our separate recreation centre close to the forest, so that the scout group that we established two years ago has a home to run programs and we can offer a variety of nature-based programs.

We are grateful to have the support of Swimming Australia for our development of unique Aquatic Centre to provide a wide range of opportunities for the community to engage in water-based activities.