The Hurricane Stars Community Centre is an innovative new centre that is unlike other any other in Queensland. In one location we have an aquatic centre, ladies gym, community centre(multi-purpose facility), sports gymnasium, restaurant, allied health centre, childcare centre and a recreation centre. It will be a first of its kind, in which multiple services are available, all in one location, creating a one-stop centre for families and individuals.

Examples of the benefits are:

  • Tired after working all day and then taking your children to various after school activities. Wouldn’t it be easier if they could attend programs in one location and then you can have dinner in our restaurant before going home
  • You can attend an appointment at the allied health centre while another family member is in their lesson or class in the gymnasium or aquatic centre
  • Community members can come to swim in the pool and see an advertisements for our other classes, like cooking, and try them. At the class they will find companionship and become more engaged in the community, then begin to trying our other programs being offered
  • Join our aqua aerobics or baby splash class and then socialise with other attendees at our coffee club afterwards
  • Disabled community members attending a hydrotherapy class or allied health specialist appointment and can hear about our classes, like painting and decide to join the class and connect with a variety of other community members
  • Allied health professionals in the centre can refer patients to our programs or use our facilities as a part of their client’s treatment
  • Drop you child in the childcare centre and then go to the gym for your morning workout or meet friends for a coffee

The Hurricane Stars Community Centre’s purpose is not just to offer a central location for patrons but the programs run at each centre are specially designed to work together, across the separate centres of the development, in a holistic program to support the community and individuals. Providing consistent, and varied support programs for the communities mental and physical health needs.

A key feature that makes the centre unique is it will have dedicated single gender session times everyday. Many men and women feel uncomfortable playing sport or swimming in a mixed environment. We are creating a safe space in both the aquatic centre and gymnasium  for those who prefer single gender sessions due to their personal choice, body image issues, personal traumas, cultural and religious reasons.  All other times, the sessions in the aquatic centre and gymnasium will be open to all members of the general public.

The development will be the first purpose build centre in Brisbane, that is designed to focus on engaging females of all ages in both physical and sporting activities. As there is a lack of facilities in the community that consistently offer regular sports and community programs for women. The centre will focus on providing a wide range of sports and exercise opportunities for women in the gymnasium like: group fitness classes, basketball, volleyball, netball, futsal, tennis, badminton, dance and gymnastics. In the aquatic centre there will be swimming lessons, aqua aerobic, water sports like volleyball and polo. The centre even has it’s own indoor rock climbing wall.

The gymnasium will also be used as a multipurpose community centre to hold functions for up to 300 people. Community groups and individuals are welcome to hire and use the centres facilities. The gymnasium has movable internal walls that allow the space to be divided into smaller function rooms, as well as a dedicated community program room and the recreation centre to run community programs. These areas will be use to run training programs and to provide opportunities for facilitators to run workshops, artistic classes(sewing, quilting, weaving, crocheting, knitting, painting, drawing, mosaic art), cooking classes, classes for people with a disability and special needs, language classes, creative arts(writing, book club, drama), homework club, playgroup, financial literacy classes, parenting programs, home-schooling support, community support groups and school holiday programs for adults and children. There will be special programs for seniors to provide them with a welcoming environment to connect to the community through technology classes, age-appropriate exercise, games and other classes.

The centre will give an economic boost to the region, both during construction and operation, by providing employment opportunities for a wide variety of community members across the various centres. The centre will be able to provide training across it’s multiple entities for local community members in diverse areas like building, child services, community and health services, hospitality, tourism and events, sports and recreation.