Sisters with Helping Hands is a registered charity that is dedicated to providing education services to the community. Due to the lack of educational sports services for women, they have developed a new major community infrastructure project for women: The Hurricane Stars Community Education Centre. The centre will provide a wide range of consistent social and physical activity educational programs for all ages. Nurturing and engaging the community from birth until old age, in a warm family-like environment.

The centre will provide educational opportunities unlike any other centre by having:

  • Multiple educational programs and services in one location, creating a one-stop location for families and individuals
  • Creating programs that work together, throughout the separate centres of the development, in a holistic program to educate and support the community and individual
  • The centre is unique because it will be dedicated to female education programs and services . Creating a safe space in for women.
  • The development will be the first purpose build centre that is designed to engage females in both physical and sporting education and programs
  • Unlike other centres, it will focus on providing services and programs for adults, as much as for kids
  • Child-minding services will be provided for all programs to support mothers to have greater flexibility to attend programs
  • The programs will be suitable and welcoming for all community members to attend but special consideration will be made to ensure all programs are welcoming to members of the culturally and linguistically diverse community
  • As a result of the unique nature of the programs run in the centre, people will travel from across the world to attend the facilities
  • The centre will give an economic boost to the region, both during construction and operation, by providing ongoing training and employment opportunities


As we approach the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane, the centre will be providing a training centre for potential future local Olympians. As it provides a safe space for females and  culturally diverse community members to discover and develop their skills consistently to an Olympic level. Especially as one of the centre’s key focuses will be providing services for disabled patrons.